Santa’s Slave Drive

Last summer, I met a couple of cool dudes that were determined to get into the virtual reality business. We agreed to build a project as a portfolio item both for me and for them, which resulted in a funny VR game named Santa’s Slave Drive. We also entered the VRTGO VR Contest and was announced as one of the finalists. You can download the PC version here. There is also an Android version if you have a Cardboard but it’s not tested on different devices, so it might work a bit buggy. I’m not putting a link for that version but if you really want to try it out, you can always contact me for an .apk file.

The guys I worked with while making this game are forming a new company named PulseVR. You can check out the cool stuff they make from their website.

And here is a gameplay video of Santa’s Slave Drive if you’re too lazy to click the link above.

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