This year, I attended the Global Game Jam at METU’s ATOM, rather than BUG at Istanbul. The atmosphere was almost the same as the previous years; a lot of people trying to create a game from scratch, helping out each other in the process, laughing and brainstorming. I would like to also thank the people who organized the event, who were as restless as the developers at the end of the jam.

The theme of GGJ ’16 was “ritual”. We were a group of three, me as the programmer, Emin Gölemen as the game designer and Zeynep Demircioğlu as the visual designer. So, we made a game called Realms of Rhythm and I believe the game play needs a little explanation, since we didn’t bother to do so inside the game. Your character is a musical genius, who is summoned by the four music gods to perform their rituals. You start at one of the gods’ planes, and collect musical notes. However, there’s a time limit. You need to enter the magic circle before the time runs out. Afterwards, one of the gods appears and instructs you to dance to the playing music, using the arrow buttons or WASD. When the dance is over, the god accepts you to its realm to collect more musical notes. Depending on your performance on the dance, you get more time on this plane. That’s basically the whole game.

Since the game requires a rather bigger viewport, I uploaded it to You can play the game from here. Enjoy!

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